Heavy Duty Hand Cleaner (1 Gallon Hand Pump)

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Easily fly through the filth on your hands no matter how tough the job. This 1 gallon jug comes 'ready to use' with an included built-in hand pump.


  • FAST ACTING HAND CLEANER - Eagle Grit water activated hand degreaser soap is a quick and efficient way to remove grease, grime, oil, diesel, paint, ink, resins, glue, rubber cement, stains, epoxy and more. Perfect for mechanics, painters, welders, technicians, construction workers, farmers, etc
  • NON-IRRITATING FORMULA - Our industrial hand cleaner is solvent-free with no harsh chemicals and uses a detergent-based micro-scrubbing silica formula that is easy on your hands and drain friendly. Other orange hand cleaners use pumice, a lava rock which will dry out your skin as well as cause rust damage and clogs in your drain system
  • MOISTURIZING ADDITIVE - Most industrial mechanic hand cleaners and degreasers will leave your hands feeling dry or cracked. Moisturize your hands with a neutral "clean" scent that kills unpleasant odor and will never leave a filmy residue or a very strong orange smell
  • MADE IN U.S.A. - Premium drain and eco-friendly silica (sand) hand cleaner made right here in the U.S.A. Some of our competitors use walnut shells in their hand scrubbers. Don't worry if you have a nut allergy, you won't find any nut ingredients here!

    **For a case of 4 please email watsonsynthetics@gmail.com for best pricing